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DataHouse Asia is a member of ʻike Group, a growing group of innovators, technologists, and entrepreneurs, owning the biggest and the longest information technology consulting firm, our sister company, DataHouse Consulting founded in 1975 in Hawaii, US. 

As one of the most prestigious software development companies in Danang, Vietnam, we provide end-to-end services for great enterprises, governments, and start-ups. With over 10 years of experience in the software engineering industry, we have successfully collaborated and delivered our high-quality software projects to partners in 19 countries worldwide.

In a world of constant change, what does it take to form a built-to-last company? We believe that comes primarily from successful underlying processes and core values. From the perspective of a software development company, filling in the process gaps and ultimately developing an agile approach that streamlines IT work and drives innovation is critically important. Having a good collaboration with our client in this phrase, DataHouse Asia can help to reduce risks and minimize costs as well as ensure the product is technologically perfect to fit the market.

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What Clients Say
About Us

Emilia Clarke
R. Lidman
CEO @ AIAR / Sweden
They have acquired some of the best talents that are super structured, highly receptive, strong on consumer logic, Tech, and UX - It is fascinating to work with them!
Emilia Clarke
F. Ronse
CEO @ Ovinto / Belgium
Every member in the development team has always been very motivated, extremely flexible and always ready to help regardless of the time of the day.
I. Medhurst
CEO & Founder @ Buzz3D / UK
I requested for a Cloud solution that was capable of setting-up, distributing and managing data collection for virtual shopping environments. They proved to be very competent and cost-effective and we would not hesitate to use their services again in the future.
H. Verheijen
CEO & Founder @ Aventiss Europe / Netherlands
DataHouse Asia team greatly contributed to our company on several communication projects, both embedded and PC/Web-based and in several programming languages. I really satisfy about the engineering services that they provide.
F. Kaylani
Creative Director @ Wismo Tech / Australia
The team contributed to the design and development of an educational-platform consisting out of VR, MR and PC apps. I have experienced working with a very passionate team that delivers on-time and go beyond requested!

Your Software Products = Our Passion

With a proven global software engineering delivery model for over 10+ years, we have built a lot of trust in our clients. We continue doing our best to keep building their trust!