DataHouse Asia. Tech Development

We put a lot of thought into the design and amenities of our office to become a place that the team and our guests wanted to be, whether they were hard at work or just hanging out. Shall we take you on a virtual tour here on our blog?

Our desire is to create an office space which reflects the company culture. So we focused on the building spaces that inspire collaboration, embrace elegant design, and having fun.

The team would feel at home yet still, create a delightful experience for our guests.

New Office

Our reception area is where visitors are first introduced to our space and where the team arrives each day, so we wanted it to be a sunny, welcoming oasis. The casual wood lounge furniture creates a sense of the outdoors brought indoors, while the nearby bar enables us to greet our guests with their favorite beverage, whether that’s a cup of coffee or warm tea.

The workspace area has a minimalist, rustic feel with the wooden floors, high ceilings, and indoor plants. Light from the floor to ceiling windows fills the space.

Finally, we appreciate these great guys who put an immense effort into our office expansion.

Thanks for joining us on this tour! We hope that you get the chance to visit our DataHouse home soon. We’ll have a cold beverage waiting for you.