DataHouse Asia. Tech Development

In the world of Business and Industry, Training and Development Workshops play a very important role in nurturing the skill set, knowledge, and confidence needed in this industry. Acknowledgment of these demands have led us to create our own prestigious ‘A19 Academy’.  DataHouse Asia operates this space as a Free Learning Hub by taking theories learned and applying them in our Software Factory. 

Here we design and deliver inspiring Workshops which focus on practical and interpersonal skills, as well as Employee Wellness. We believe that by changing the way we think, we can change the way we learn. This is all part of inspiring a robust Learning Culture at our ‘Ohana’. 

Since this space was created, our weekends have been filled up with technical and non-technical training offered by our DataHouse Asia expert. These eye-opening Training Sessions and valuable Tech Tips are worth absorbing and are stored in our Free Internal Hub, called A19 Academy.

Unlimited learning budget, is it true?

At DataHouse Asia we are passionate about Personal Development, so we are dedicated to supporting your growth by sponsoring an #unlimetedbudget that enables you to learn and develop your technical skills in any of the applicable courses. We are committed to each team member and believe that ‘unlimited budget, empowers’. 

We are honored to store our teammates’ achievements in our very own ‘Hall of Fame’, where we showcase all certifications that our members have achieved till now. As part of our dedication to our values, we here at DataHouse Asia will continue to facilitate our colleagues’ life-long learning. 

Discover more How our team member is Sticking and Setting with Unlimited Learning Budget

The in-house Book Library

Books are truly wonderful and provide us with education, entertainment, and health benefits. They build our vocabulary, hone our language skills, and can improve our memory, keeping our brains in good condition. We are blessed with many bookworms at DataHouse Asia and are happy to provide our teammates with books that provide technical knowledge and meaningful and stimulating stories.

We Share as We Care

At DataHouse Asia, most of us are familiar with our internal slogan ‘We Share as We Care’ and this is our priority when launching internal or external events. As the venerable Dalai Lama says – “Share your knowledge, it is a way to achieve immortality”.

In other words, if you have knowledge in a certain field, and you share it with others, that knowledge will live forever. Immortality here is defined by knowledge, dedication, and the value that you leave for humanity and future generations. 

We sincerely hope that every single member at DataHouse Asia ‘Ohana’ finds A19 Academy informative and practical to use because our intention is for this learning hub to enable us and future generations to expand our world views and grow not only as individuals but as a global society.