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Quality is our strategic focus!

What came to your mind after watching this video? From the video, you can see that 3 players can score a goal to their opponent team of 100 players 🙂 As a Technology engineering provider to our partners, quality is one of the crucial parameters in project management. We strongly believe that hiring contributes a […]

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Engagement Process

At DataHouse, every engagement is unique as each of our clients / partners is unique. What remains the same (as we remind ourselves: why do we need to reinvent our wheels all of the time) is our ongoing dedication to getting the best outcomes for our clients. That’s why we are disciplined about following our […]

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Business Development in the US

This and next week, DataHouse team’ representatives are working with our partners and potential clients in the US at different cities: Honolulu, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Silicon Valley (home of the world’s largest high-tech corporations like Apple, Facebook and Google, including the headquarters of 39 businesses in the Fortune 1000, and thousands of startup […]

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World Health Day: April 7

On #WorldHealthDay of April 7, we should think of the work-environment as it can impact on our health. At DataHouse, we keep doing our best for the #wellbeing of our colleagues, resulting in a healthier workforce and higher productivity: We are curious of what are you busy doing at your work-place for the #WorldHealthDay of […]


Interaction Sensor using Radar Technology?

Google has developed a new interaction senor using radar technology. The project is called: soli with the purpose of using radar for motion tracking of the human hand. How does this work? Soli sensor technology works by emitting electromagnetic waves in a broad bream. Objects within the beam scatter this energy, reflecting some portion back […]

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Sponsoring for Knowledge

Together with our partner, we once visited a few orphanages in Danang and we had a chance to listen to their needs. With the high demands of learning English to prepare for the future, we sponsor an English training course for the kids of Hoa Mai orphanage. Within these 6 months of learning English from […]