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A19 Academy – Our Free Learning Hub

In the world of Business and Industry, Training and Development Workshops play a very important role in nurturing the skill set, knowledge, and confidence needed in this industry. Acknowledgment of these demands have led us to create our own prestigious ‘A19 Academy’.  DataHouse Asia operates this space as a Free Learning Hub by taking theories […]

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Blink of an eye: Sneak Peek Webinar

Since Covid-19 has severely impacted the way we work and physically interact, DataHouse Asia held an online event dubbed “Sneak Peek Webinar: Virtual tour at DataHouse Asia” last week on 7th August 2021, to adapt to the ever-changing scenario. We believe that the more you understand the IT company market, the more experience you have […]

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We were on the air! Have you seen us on VTV8?

It’s a great honor for DataHouse Asia to welcome VTV8 – The National television broadcaster of Vietnam to our new office 4.0 in Danang High Tech Arena and the current office 3.0 where we still stayed connected with other DHA-ers working from home. We had a short warm interview about the Coronavirus’ Software Company impact […]

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“They said it couldn’t be done!”

How our team made the very first in-person, 3-day event happen during the pandemic? As communities yearn to return to normal, leaders are looking for solutions to resume social gatherings safely. In partnering with DataHouse US, the LumiSight team at DataHouse Asia has developed a significant application that helps organizations reopen their concert halls and event rooms so that […]

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Caring in the love box

It has been challenging weeks for us working from home the third time, we do appreciate very much of what each individual has contributed to the success of our project teams and our company so far. We have put our caring to the team in ‘Little boxes of Love’ and delivered them to our members. […]

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Exciting News of our HQ Construction’s Plan

We are delighted to announce that we have bought a 600 square metres piece of land in preparation for creating our Headquarters in Danang next year. It will be known as Danang High-Tech Arena. Despite many of our employees working from home at this time, we view our Danang High Tech Arena – DataHouse Asia […]

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2021 Quick Overview of Data Protection Regulations in Vietnam

In the era of information and communications technology (ICT), use of cyberspace by businesses (such as websites, social networks, mobile applications, etc.) is critical for rapid development. As part of the business in such context, collecting, storing, transmitting and processing personal data belonging to customers and cyberspace users are each indispensable. Therefore, to mitigate such […]

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We-Care #7: Your happiness at work matters

How is your company Town Hall meeting look like? At DataHouse Asia, we call it We-Care session to share broadly with each other on successes, challenges, and changes! This April we have a We-Care #7 that enables us to engage with each other. We-Care #7 gave us a forum to share the results of what […]


Our Software Delivery Model

In a world of constant change, what does it take to form a built-to-last company? We believe that comes primarily from successful underlying processes and core values. From the perspective of a software development company, filling in the process gaps and ultimately developing an agile approach that streamlines IT work and drives innovation are critically […]