Top-5 Augmented Reality SDKs for Mobile App Development

What is an Augmented Reality SDK (Software Development Kit)? The progress made by AR technology over the past few years is outstanding. It has opened a new world of opportunities with a few limitations. With new apps, we can use computer-calculated projections in the real environment inventing new fascinating interactions with no restrictions for our […]

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Our 300-day Celebration

15,000 working hours We spent the last weekend to celebrate this remarkable milestone which marks our growth from zero to a team of almost 30 dedicated members. This is the chance for us to appreciate team effort in getting many projects done and ready for challenging projects ahead. This time, our peaceful getaway is  Naman […]

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Smart city and e-Government Seminar at a glance

Under the theme “Case Studies, Latest Technology Trends of Intelligent e-Government, and Smart City System”, the technology seminar focuses discussions on issues Danang Government should focus on including optimizing traffic flows in real-time, reducing energy consumption, using predictive policing, detecting alterations in air and water quality, automating waste management, and allowing cities to function more […]

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Smart City Tech Seminar Between Vietnam & South Korea on October 16

Da Nang is planning to become a ‘smart city’ and the first in Vietnam to join the ASEAN ‘smart’ city network by 2030. This October, the city, and e-Government technology seminar with the overarching theme of “Case Studies, and Latest Technology Trends of Intelligent e-Government, and Smart City System.” One of the main highlights will be the knowledge […]

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Outsourcing Service Models in Software Development

Before transitioning to the software outsourcing models available, we will cover the different business models for software development outsourcing: nearshore, onshore, and offshore. Onshore Software Outsourcing Onshore companies work with teams that reside in the same home country as the client partner; while there is typically little to no language barrier with the external team, […]


Digital Product Management

With creative vision combined with working experience, a partner whose expertise is leading efforts to develop innovative products and services for digital products has shared with us in deep knowledge and his practical experience. Normally, digital content management is all about planing out a successful product, launching campaigns, reaching out to consumers or finding out […]


CPaas and What are they?

CPaaS is changing the way we do business by making it quick and easy to develop services and then scale them quickly. In this blog post, we are going to define what characteristics define CPaaS and make a comparison between its providers and platforms which are offering top-notch communication services overcloud. A CPaaS (Communication Platform as […]