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Big love to our Dearest Fathers

It’s never too late to celebrate this year’s season of appreciating all amazing fathers in this era. We have put our love in photographs along with thoughtful sharing about dad. Have you said love words to your dad? Let’s see some memorable pictures from DataHouse Asia members.

My father – a physically, intellectually & mentally strong man – and I have maintained an old-schooled father-son relationship over the years. He makes sure I have food when getting hungry, a degree to feed myself, and a shelter to come back even when falling. Other than that, we treat ourselves a little calm & cool like men.

Not much room for “lovey-dovey picture moments” though. So if possible, I’d like to write down these short sallow sentences as a way to express my humble gratitude & appreciation to my old pop.


Happy Father’s day to my ‘ba’!

He’s done a lot for me over the years. Thankful to him and mom for everything they’ve given me in life. Ba uses Zalo but her daughter wants to celebrate him on Facebook. How cute she is. Time has flown so I’d like to give my ‘ba’ a well-deserved treat for being awesome. Thanks for being my ‘ba’


The picture says it. Miss you Dad!


As you can probably guess that #familyday is coming, so don’t forget to reunite with family and treasure the precious moment spent with your loved ones.

Do hope that everyone stays safe from #coronavirus this time and our city will get well soon.

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