Life At DataHouse Asia

Thank you for being along with DataHouse Asia ‘Ohana’

In the previous month, we have commemorated Work Anniversary for all 5 members who have contributed to DataHouse Asia’s success today and few things go along with us. Let’s hear them sharing about their journey at DataHouse Asia over the last 2 years.

Let’s guess how long Thao has been engaging with us

As part of DataHouse Asia, I realize that every member in this Ohana plays integral dots in our connection. From my perspective as a UI/UX Designer, beautiful UI and great UX design output are not enough for a project. It needs to be feasible to implement as well, provide good UI/UX for a product, my job does not only require me design skills or aesthetics but also the understanding about different domains. This helps me a great deal to broaden my horizon in the field.

Thao Nguyen
Chau has achieved 1 year experience as a role of Junior Human Resource

I’m very thankful for having a team leader who puts faith in me in all circumstances and spends lots of effort in coaching me, having given me a chance to grow from an intern to a full-time HR employee : D Not to mention all the support and love from other colleagues that we’ve been receiving at work. I feel truly lucky to work in this ‘Ohana’! 

I am super proud of my one-team-spirit that always enables me to work hard in every aspects of work

Thuy Dinh – Sales & Marketing

I am very lucky that I had a chance to work at our company. We have a good environment to improve my skills, my co-workers very kind and support me a lot. We feel comfortable like a family 

Chung Than

Over the past 2 years, I have some ups and downs moments with these nice people. They always make me feel like home and treat me well in any situation, even though in working. I think people from different departments have different points of view so its is undeniable to have conflict sometimes because of misunderstanding the actions’ reasons for each other. Then it is quite challenging when the working mood goes down; But somehow I really treasure all unforgettable moments with these witty people. Love all <3

Thao shared her interests in DHA Ohana

Happy anniversary to a great pair of people who belong together. You are a huge source of inspiration to those who know you. Congratulations on your anniversary.

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