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Company Outing – Take Us Out to the Beach!

Summer is about to arrive, do you feel like having a weekend getaway to get sandy and sweat? 😁 We do!

This time we have chosen a garden villa which is only 500 meters away to the beach, An Bang, Hoi An, to spend a day and night with our beloved colleagues and have some good times. We grilled pork, drank, swam, played games, laughed and shared about our future ‘Ohana”, with the trust that no matter how hard and challenging it is, we will work it out altogether.

Outing trip is one of our “Fun at Work” activities which is organized 2 times per year, usually in the summer and autumn with the purpose of team bonding and chilling out.

According to our Employee Benefits Directory 😜

Do you know the concept of team bonding, on the whole, is about strengthening the relationships within a team? And eventually, good relationships will increase motivation and collaboration at work. That is why in our outing activities, we always arrange multiple teams to support on different tasks and make them hands-in-hands together making our trip successful and fun!

Lunch preparation πŸ₯—

Ready to sweat and win! πŸ’ͺ

Dinner πŸ˜‹

Last but not least, we would like to be extend our greatest gratitude to the team leaders and supporters for their incredible commitment to co-organize this outing πŸ’› Mahalo!

This video is captured by our beautiful and talented and UI/UX Design, Thao Nguyen. Thank you for filming this lovely moments : )