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Get to know Salesforce as a newbie

Before starting a new journey as being a real Salesforce developer, let’s see what we can provide enough information to enable you to dig into the Salesforce community. Whether you come from a completely different career background or you are a professional in your field without code learning, you are able to figure out your super fit in Salesforce Community by taking a look at this 10-minute reading blog.

Pre-learning Salesforce, good perception is a must

Have you ever heard about this word? I am sure that you have known this term before but you may have no idea what it is and how it is implemented. In addition to this wonder, sometimes you will see some enterprises apply salesforce to promote their outcome and some curious questions might wander in your mind :

As a newbie, what should I learn first ?

The term ‘Salesforce’ comes from its name which is one of the world’s largest technology companies. Unless you use their software or work with the platform, you probably wouldn’t have heard of them; however, I can assure you that behind the scenes of your favorite companies such as Apple, Facebook & Uber, etc. , Salesforce is powering all of them.

Let’s come first with Salesforce’s definition

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management software that helps businesses connect with and get more information about their customer base.

And what is Salesforce used for?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. All businesses in the whole world will have some forms of CRM. Salesforce’s services allow businesses to use cloud technology to better connect with customers, partners, and potential customers.

The software simply records who your customers are, what interactions you have had with them, and what products they have bought. If you run a catering company, you might have a spreadsheet or a notebook of your regular customers or if you run a hairdressing store, you will have the same. Additionally, Salesforce handles all the customer relationships, by focusing on the sales, marketing, and support processes.

Turning back your very first wonders when being a newbie in the field

Before entering a completely new field, you should know what it is and how to emerge into them when you figured out your interest towards Salesforce Developer.

First of all, here are some problems that you may encounter.

  • Willingness to change career path and enter the IT market
  • Lack of qualifications for IT-related jobs due to the absence of any digital knowledge and experience
  • The need to learn fast and to re-skill without spending years in university
  • No budget to invest in education and expensive training

And, how to solve them? Spending time learning and digging into Salesforce Community are the best answers. Your will and passion are the first weapons in this community. Definitely, all your hard work will be paid off by this lucrative job.

If you are still wondering whether Salesforce is really for yourself, provided that you did not have any technical background, for example. The only way to know for sure is to try. Let’s answer yourself according to this list of questions before jumping into any decisions

  • Am I ready to learn something new every day?
  • Am I willing to solve technical or functional problems on a daily basis?
  • Am I ready to train for, pass and maintain certifications regularly?
  • Am I willing to accept that the job may lack creativity from time to time?
  • Am I prepared to listen more and speak less?
  • Am I sufficiently attentive to notice and observe tiny details?
  • Am I patient enough to start over when things do not work out immediately?
  • Am I able to analyze a business process?
  • Fear not – you will learn how to do this in due course!

After 10 mins reading, how do you feel? Hope you are staying in the mood to keep learning. Why don’t you have a look at this short training for beginners to have a better overview of becoming a real Salesforce Developer?

This somehow helps you to open a new chapter on the journey, so why don’t join us to see the whole chapter in a real ‘ book’: Danang Salesforce Developers Community