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Health Check 2020: Caring for our people health is our top priority

Employee’s Health Check is our culture of workplace health and safety. Each year, our people are provided healthcare services from well-respected institutions. Last Friday, the blood test was taken at our office before the Overall Health Check on the weekend, which allows us to guarantee our people’s physical well-being maintains satisfaction.

Like to join us in the next Health Check :)? We’re having some opportunities for you >> Our opening positions

At Datahouse Asia, employees’ health matters to our sustainable innovation. We do not perceive this process as an obligation but one of our principle to success – Caring.   

Regular Health Checks assess an individual overall health condition, in order to catch people’s health issues early on. Since our great minds decide our journey of “Making technological impacts on the entire communities”, it is our responsibility to prepare for any possible threats facing our members.

Great People. Great Impacts. Greater Good for our Community.

You know “Fun is part of our DNA”, that’s why we love to build our working cultures with full of laughs, cheers, joys, and care every day. Having those yummy “Banh mi” after blood test, we’re doing it pretty well, aren’t we? 

We love to see you’re healthy and happy during these cold months. Here are some tips to look after your well-being this winter:

  • Stay warm with more clothes layers
  • Healthy diet with more fruits and veggies
  • Keep hydrated with water and herbal teas
  • Exercising to boost your immune system

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