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4 Tips to Improve Your Work-life Balance

WHO has revealed that 58% of the world’s population spend one-third of their adult life at work contributing actively to the development and well-being of them-selves, their families and of society. It is safe to say that your job can make a HUGE impact on your quality of life. Nevertheless, we need to understand that […]

Life At DataHouse Asia

FIGHT ON! A New DSC Season Is Coming

DSC Championship (Da Nang Software Company Championship) is a friendly football tournament for employees of technology and software companies in Danang City. It’s our pleasure for us to be the DSC Championship organizer this year. Co-organized with AgilityIO and Axon Active Vietnam, we hopefully create a healthy and rewarding tournament for the community of software […]

Life At DataHouse Asia

Effective Tips for Working Remotely

As an IT company, we’ve had our fair share of dealing with viruses, but this one is unique. Wherever you go today, everyone is talking about the Corona virus (COVID-19). With the growing threat of coronavirus hitting the world and Vietnam’s full force, shifting to work remotely from home is one of the ways DataHouse […]


DataHouse Asia Talent-Matching Step By Step :)

Aloha, Are you wondering how your application will be handled at DataHouse Asia? How many rounds you will be attending and who you will be meeting? Are we extremely strict in the Hiring process? Stage 1: CV screening Firstly, your resume’ will be “scanned” by our Recruitment team. In this round, we will determine whether […]

Life At DataHouse Asia

Working From Home Diary

The pandemic is revolutionizing the workplace. Teams are completely changing the way they are communicating and working. Keeping remote members feeling connected is critical to our team. Bingo is a fun game we play to engage remote workers. Start with a bingo board that has a number of action items or accomplishments on it. For […]

Life At DataHouse Asia

A Milestone To Celebrate!

2019 was a great milestone for DataHouse Asia, the year-end party and work anniversary are great opportunities to honor our dedicated colleagues and together kick up a wonderful 2020! You might not know that “Forget the year” was a Year-end party. It is time for us to forgive and forget the bad experiences of the […]