DataHouse Asia Talent-Matching Step By Step :)


Are you wondering how your application will be handled at DataHouse Asia? How many rounds you will be attending and who you will be meeting? Are we extremely strict in the Hiring process?

Stage 1: CV screening

Firstly, your resume’ will be “scanned” by our Recruitment team. In this round, we will determine whether you are qualified based on your background, related-work experience and other essential information that is included on your CV. Within 3 working days of your application, Recruitment team will contact you by phone for the next round if your CV is among the qualified lists.

Then, we’re going to meet soon at DHA office!

Stage 2: Matching interview

At DataHouse Asia, we believe “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast” (quoted from Peter Drucker), hence, culture fit is one of the most important factors we take into account when selecting among potential applicants. At the same time, we understand that a suitable work environment also matters to you, thus, this meeting will help you and HR team of DataHouse Asia learn more about the other and find out whether we are a match! We need you to share openly about your expectations for DataHouse Asia. How much is your desired salary? Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years? At what aspect/technology do you want to learn and develop? And so on.

Learn more about our culture and core values.

Besides, we are passionate about encouraging and helping people to speak English well. It is not only because we provide engineering services worldwide and have foreign colleagues working with us, but also with the fact that English will facilitate you greatly in your career development and exposing yourself to the world.

Kindly note that all interview rounds will be conducted in English. A 30-minute paper-test may be applicable – this is a semi-assessment before our Technical team meet you in the Ability interview.

Stage 3: Ability interview

It’s nice to see you again! So, we both agree that we like the other’s “personalities” and can communicate well in English, now we would like to evaluate in-depth of your technical knowledge and skills as well as your way of working.

In this meeting, you will meet with our Technical team. And hey! They may be your mentor/ team leader/ teammate later on, so go ahead and try your best to prove them how good you are and ask them questions about DataHouse Asia work environment. You could discover even more interesting things about our way of working in projects. 😊

Stage 4: Final interview

It’s great that we have come this far! We are happy to invite you to the final talk with your Hiring managers. At DataHouse Asia, we are responsible for our employees and we care about your personal and professional development. For that reason, we select teammates very carefully to make sure that you and DataHouse Asia, we will be successful together.

Accordingly, we will be transparent with you of how DataHouse Asia can facilitate your efforts to achieve your goals while you bring values to our One-team as well.  We understand that this is not just a job, it is a career of yours and together we can make it a win-win relationship.

Stage 5: Welcome onboard

Congratulation and welcome you to DataHouse Asia one-team! After you accept the offer, HR team will be in touch with you to guide you step-by-step on your onboarding.

We try our best to make new members feel warm and blend into DataHouse Asia ‘Ohana’ easily. Not to mention by providing workstation, we have office tour and trainings set up for you on your first date so you will meet every single DataHouse Asia-er and get settled on your assignment.

Coming from your side, we have 5 simple tips that may be useful for you to get along with your new family 😉

1. Make acquaintance with your mate(s) who sit next to you

2. Have lunch with your mentor and teammates in the office

3. Join daily tea-break on-time

4. Offer your colleague a cup of coffee or tea that is made by yourself at our cafeteria

5. Make sure you know about DHA core values and employee benefits

Long story short, are you still curious about us? Wrap us an email: [email protected]

See you at DataHouse Asia office! 🙂