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4 Tips to Improve Your Work-life Balance

WHO has revealed that 58% of the world’s population spend one-third of their adult life at work contributing actively to the development and well-being of them-selves, their families and of society.

It is safe to say that your job can make a HUGE impact on your quality of life. Nevertheless, we need to understand that our lives are not just about working, we are alive to create memories, to travel, to have fun and make positive impacts on the world. Of course, work is a part of that. As many of us would argue, work helps to actualize our dream; yet for some people, sadly, work becomes their entire life.

Before you continue reading, you may wonder, are we the top expert in the field trying to ‘lecture’ you how important it is to balance your life? Absolutely no. Do we need to be specialists to talk about it? We don’t think so. We are just normal human beings like everyone else; we are employers, entrepreneurs, knowledge workers and some of us are parents as well. It comes as no surprise that we are also stressed out, we get tired and sometimes we cannot help but take our work home with us too.

However, before it is too late to realize that we all deserve a happy life, we take actions to ease the struggle. As the saying goes, these are 4 tips that will help you achieve a better work-life balance.

1. Ensure Your Physical Health and Well-being

A healthy mind in a healthy body“, take part in physical activities does not only help strengthen your body but can also lure your mind away from negative thoughts. Find yourself a suitable yoga/ work-out icon and start exercising πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ We also recommend you to count someone in to have more fun and motivation when you guys work out together.

πŸ’› Yoga and meditation πŸ’›

10 push-ups. No problem! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

Don’t forget to treat yourself nice food and drinks πŸ˜‹

2. Take a Rest Before You Get Tired

Unplug from work and do something fun will be helpful if you want to ease your stress and recover from your heavy day. Spend that time alone for yourself, or take a break to do silly things with your friends and colleagues. Trust us, laughter is the best medicine.

At DataHouse Asia, we have about 30-minute break every afternoon with snack, fruits, and in-house activities for people to stretch. However, with the practice of social distancing and that all of our members have switched to working from home, it becomes more likely for our techies to stuck to their computers and skip breaks.

And that is why we create online team challenge everyday and encourage everyone to stand up, do something fun, do something creative and have a good time together, such as having a ‘pajama fashion show’ πŸ˜‚

If you need ideas for virtual activities for your team members: check out our WFH diary. Bingo Challenge #1 and Bingo Challenge #2

3. Having a Social Life

Plan some enjoyable activities and put them in your calendar so you have something to look forward to. Even make it reoccurring, like a weekly friend gathering at a nice cafe shop or a monthly book club meeting so you can plan them ahead. Those regular activities will help to balance your life and recharge your positive energy. There are more sources of happiness out there than just ‘making your manager or your employees happy’; keep in mind, you cannot make people around you happy if you are not a happy person yourself 😸

4. Create “Me Time” or Make Time for Your Family

What is your hobby? What is something that makes you happy when you do it? Having time for yourself and your family is a nice getaway from all those hustle and bustle crazy life. One friend of us once shared, “If you centralize your work, one day if you failed, you’d feel like your whole life has failed with it. But if you don’t take your job as if it’s the only important thing to you, you’d realize that you have much more potential in other things and you’d come back, try it again, and turn your bad result upside down”

So there we have it. We hope you will give these tips a try. Let us know if they are helpful to you and feel free to share your best tips for work-life balance! Peace for everyone πŸ’›