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In November 2021, we had a great chance to have a workshop about “Why Studying?” with VGU students to learn about their motivation in learning and together discuss interesting topics such as peers’ pressure and what tips for students to prepare to enter the very competitive job market as well as a career path for IT students.  

The Vietnamese-German University (VGU) is a Vietnamese public university, located in Binh Duong, Vietnam. In its administrative and academic structure, VGU follows the German model and standards. Study programs are organized in collaboration with German partner universities so that the students can enjoy a “best of both worlds” experience. The VGU imports German degree programmes into Vietnam. Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral programmes are delivered in cooperation with German partner universities. 

We are very impressed that the young generation nowadays are very smart and mature. It was also our pleasure to share about job and internship opportunities for VGU students at DataHouse Binh Duong: The promised land in the South of Vietnam

This 27th Dec 2021, we continue to have another career talk with students from Da Nang University of Technology that is considered as a part of Career Day. This session is aimed to kick off Spring Internship Program 2022 and appeal more Software Engineering Interns for TechGen#5. 


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