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TechGen #3

The ideal Software Engineering Internship

DataHouse Asia TechGen Program gives you the opportunity to learn on the job, gain hands-on and real-life experience in the Tech industry at one of the most interesting software companies in central of Vietnam.

Let’s be one of our next Tech Generations at DataHouse Asia!

You will have the opportunity to learn from our talented mentors, trainers, and coaches, to build your skills and prepare for your future tech career.

If that sounds like the route you want to take,  this program is for you.

  • Quantity: 10 interns
  • Internship Duration: 3 months
  • Starting: 24th May, 2021
  • Deadline: 20th April - 10th May, 2021

Day In The Life of Our Software Engineer Interns

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Reasons you should take TechGen#3


An ideal place to enhance your English skill as you have to speak English not only with colleagues but also with our clients who are 100% native speakers

It is also the way to learn how to navigate the working world in reality.

Shape of Training Program
Shape of Training Program

Personalized self-paced training plan.

Provide professional mentoring and continuous opportunities to develop your career path.

Perks Allowance
Perks Allowance

A paid internship brings happiness.

You also will be invited to all of the company activities.

We offer healthy tea-break daily with the tea-talk sessions which could give you a little inspiration.

Project-based Experiences
Project-based Experiences

With the emphasis on training, TechGen #3 will give you authentic learning experience of the workplace and field that you hope to break into the tech industry.

Let's sharpen your skills with our Training Program

Week 1-2

On-Boarding & Training

Week 3- 5

Pitching Session & Project Assignment 

Week 6-11

Training on Job

Week 12

Final Evaluation & Ceremony

On Boarding & Training

Week 1 – 2

  • At the very first weeks of on Boarding, interns will be involved in the ways of work at DataHouse Asia that enables them to get familiar with technical and programming tools
  • Interns gain access to multiple Fundamental Courses such as Git & Github Usage, Test Feedback, ORM Framework, and Figma during the first weeks taking on the projects under mentors' guidance
  • In parallel, DataHouse Asia is such an ideal environment to enhance English skills day by day
Pitching Session &
Project Management

Week 3 – 5

  • The Project managers introduce their own specific projects to the interns
  • Each one was assigned a mentor through a' One on One ' meeting to help the intern define what needs to adapt to our existing projects
Training on Job

Week 6 – 11

  • TechGen#3 will provide interns with many valuable experiences, giving you a real taste of what it'll be like to work in software engineering down the line.
Final - Evaluation

Week 12

  • Interns would be evaluated by a mentor who helps them navigate the program and make the most of their internship.
  • Mentors will offer constructive advice and oversee their career development
  • Finally, those who successfully complete the program have the opportunity to become official employees. Sound interesting?

Don't hesitate to 'seal' your seat at this opportunity!

Software Engineer Intern
Software Engineer Intern
How to join us
Your English CV
Your English CV

Share with us your background, related work experience, and other essential information

Take the Paper Test
Take the Paper Test

Assess your logical thinking, development skills with a 30-minute paper test


Tell your technical passions with our experienced Engineers

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