Interaction Sensor using Radar Technology?

Google has developed a new interaction senor using radar technology. The project is called: soli with the purpose of using radar for motion tracking of the human hand. How does this work? Soli sensor technology works by emitting electromagnetic waves in a broad bream. Objects within the beam scatter this energy, reflecting some portion back […]

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Famous Apps built with ReactNative

React Native is a JavaScript framework, designed for building genuinely native apps for platforms like iOS and Android. It’s based on a JavaScript library created by Facebook called React, and thus brings its power to native mobile app development. #1 Facebook & React Native Originally, Facebook only developed React Native to support iOS. However, with it’s recent support of […]


The Future of eCommerce Business

The basic premise of search engine reputation management is to use the following three strategies to accomplish the goal of creating a completely positive first page of search engine results for a specific term…