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Dan Arita / DataHouse Founder

“I could not be happier with the leadership team of DataHouse and their vision for the future. Eddie and his team are poised to do incredible things for the people of Hawaiʻi and beyond.”


Our Roots

In November 1975, DataHouse was born.

It was the vision of a local boy named Dan Arita who could see the writing on the wall: computers and technology were going to radically change the way Hawaiʻi does business—in both the government and private sectors. “DataHouse foresaw and actively prepared for the wave of automation in the state,” recalls Dan. “I knew that software development would be a good, clean business for Hawaiʻi. And providing high tech jobs here would help stop the brain drain.” 

Forty years later, Dan’s vision has become reality and the best is yet to come.

The DataHouse track record proves that the values and principles Dan set into place during the foundational years have created a launchpad for even greater success in the future. International awards, product patents, community service projects, the creation of multiple new companies, and Made-in-Hawaiʻi software innovations that are changing the way industries do business, are just the highlights of a legacy that Dan is proud to be passing on to a new generation.


Our core values

DataHouse Asia is the member of ʻike family of companies, a growing group of innovators, technologists, and entrepreneurs. Every ʻike company shares the same core values, and we are working together to ensure the success of our clients, our employees, and our communities.

  • Spirit of Excellence

    We always believe in giving 100% whether seen or unseen and that we are committed to achieving excellence together – through our successes as well as our shortcomings.
  • Dream Releasing

    We believe success is achieved by helping others succeed, enabling everyone on our team to reach their full potential and realize their dreams.
  • Courage

    We believe in always doing the right thing, and that true innovation comes from taking risks, being honest with ourselves, and challenging each other.
  • Humility

    We believe success is always a team effort, and at the heart of our “ONE TEAM” philosophy is their ability to recognize our strengths but also recognizing the strengths in others.
  • Greater Good

    We believe that all blessings come when we give to others and that our main purpose is to positively impact our greater community

Our culture

DataHouse Asia culture allows for creative solution discovery, innovative exploration, and professional growth; we treat our culture as a precious asset that defines who we are collectively as a company and individually as consultants.

  • We care about each other

    We trust, value, care and support each other in work, career development, and life.
  • We are one team

    We support and cheer up each other as we know we all have each other's back.
  • We take the lead

    We take the initiative and have a mindset of “see the need and take the lead”. This applies both in our projects and our personal development.
  • We are result-driven

    We constantly make progress by focusing on what’s important and embracing changes along the way.
  • We strive for improvements

    We constantly look for opportunities and new ways of doing things to make improvements and surprise each other.
  • We celebrate small wins

    We love celebrating small wins; they motivate us and boost our confidence to achieve bigger and better things.

Our principles of success

We are a growing and united team that lives up with a culture that fosters innovation and strives for improvement every day.​

We define and commit to the foundational guidelines for us to achieve our vision of making positive impacts for now and in the future.​

"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success", said by Graham Bell. Being a part of our culture of being proactive, we have realized that having a plan is important and preparation is even more important than planning as it gets us ready to actually do the work.

Teamwork is paramount to our success. It allows us to be bigger than we really are. When a client is working with anyone of us, they soon come to realize that one person can represent all the cumulative knowledge of our entire family — many minds for one.

Our creativity transforms our imagination and ideas into reality. At DataHouse, the spirit of creativity drives our business. When existing solutions do not fit our clients’ needs, we chart new paths to create the right solution. Creativity requires courage and risk taking. We support and inspire creativity by incubating new ideas and encouraging out-of-the-box thinking. In our creative mindset, failure is part of the learning process, empowering us to move forward.


The company is 'made' by the people living in it. Good people will improve the bad process, taking the initiatives to make improvements and the most important is to bring out the good in other people.

There is no substitute for hard work. While creativity is the force that sets a project in motion, hard work and grit ensure its completion. We are fearless in taking on the difficult job and tenacious in getting it done. Everyone pitches in and teamwork gets us over the goal line.

We have recognized most of the failures driving from the failure to adapt and all success is driven from successful adaptation. And we also totally agree with Stephen Hawking: Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change

We've recognized that learning is a continuous journey. We support individuals who take the initiative to pursue new skills. Self-directed professional development is key in an industry that changes so rapidly. Once an employee identifies an area of interest, we support that employee through training programs, mentorships, and other enablement programs that align to the company’s business strategies.

We see clients as strategic partners, not as opportunistic sources of revenue. Our goal is to establish a long-term, win-win relationship by caring for clients and actively contributing to their success. To achieve this goal, we choose our clients wisely, build trust and relationships, and always deliver on our commitments. We value long-term, meaningful engagements with our clients over short-term, profit-driven transactions.

Laughing and having fun is healthy for the soul and for business. Yes! this is a part of our way of working. It’s how we treat each other, and how we create an enjoyable and fulfilling place of work. We’re humble to laugh at yourself and to make it fun and enjoyable for others.