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Advanced Track & Trace Systems for Trains

A predictive analytics platform that supports rail & intermodal freight supply chain optimization.

About the Client

A Belgium-based company that tracks and monitors extremely hazardous goods in unpowered assets such as rail cars and tank containers with the application of information technology. Their goal is to support large industrials in the digital transformation of their business processes and more specifically their supply chain. 

Project Objectives

To develop a powerful big data and predictive analytics platform that reduces the dependency of manual, repetitive actions by digitizing, processing, and integrating all necessary data into the existing platforms of our customers who are using rail and intermodal freight. 

“Every member in the development team has always been very motivated, extremely flexible and always ready to help regardless of the time of the day.”

F. Ronse

CEO of Advanced Track & Trace Systems

Develop a powerful big data and predictive analytics platform. 

Integrate with the SAP Cloud Platform and existing SAP components. 

Deploy the performance of the SAP HANA database. 

Guarantee a seamless integration with existing SAP components when this would be needed.

Result and Technologies

Our work helped the client to digitalize all different kinds of data sources, which enabled their customers to reduce manual actions, eliminate human errors.  In this project, we used RF Communication, Barcode, Serial IO, Time Management, PDF Report Generator, MSSQL, C#.

The adoption of machine learning also helped users to predict future outcomes and trends with the interpretation and visualization of data patterns, creating business intelligence in their supply chain. 

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