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Property Appraisal Enterprise Application

An instrumental web-based Salesforce application in performing property appraisals using the standard approaches (cost, income, comparable sales) to value efficiency, data quality, and data history tracking capabilities. The application helps the client to determine market values of properties on a large scale and provides ad hoc appraisals for unique properties on any given date. Furthermore, the solution have an immense impact on saving time and costs by replacing expensive and slow traditional valuation procedures with a stabile and practical application that provides instantaneous information about real estate appraisals.

About the Client

The Client’s office is responsible for maintaining vital public records of evaluation and taxation of real estates and assess all taxable property according to state laws and regulations. The stakeholders involved in assessing the information are:
  • Assessor – locating, identifying and appraising all vacant land, improved real estate, business property, and certain mobile homes, boats and aircraft for property tax purposes.
  • Recorder – providing public notice by accepting and recording legal instruments (documents) required by law upon payment of proper fees and taxes as well as maintaining birth, marriage and death records and indexes. 
  • Clerk of the Board – provides a variety of services including access to the Board of Supervisors official records, passport services, notary public services, and accepts applications for property tax assessment.

Project Objectives

A Salesforce web application configured to

Leverage digital transformation by providing the Workflow and Approval process from request submission to finalization.

  • Track property records.
  • Perform realty appraisal (schedule and ad hoc).
  • Determine market values on a large scale.
  • Migrate existing data onto Salesforce application.

Custom features (calculation template, sketch, document export).

Technologies & Result

• Project Management: Jira, Confluence, MS Sharepoint
• Communication Channels: Slack, MS Teams, Zoom
 Technologies: Salesforce, Heroku, Database Postgres, Marshall and Swift online valuation platform, Akamai EAA
 Back-end: ASP.Net
• Deployment: GIT CI/CD
• UX/UI Design Tool: Figma, Avonni

DataHouse Asia provided the client with a customizable, modern, agile Appraisal application that standardizes the operations and business processes of the legacy Appraisal application into an Integrated system that provides efficient user and business workflow.

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