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The current enterprise UX visionaries 

Any thriving product or service, such as a website or app, needs exemplary UX configuration. A good UX design makes a positive experience for the user by anticipating and fulfilling their requirements. 

What could be acquired from investing in software that relishes good enterprise UX? It stands to gain, according to a monetary perspective as well as from different viewpoints: efficiency, customer and employee satisfaction, turnover, deals… everything associated with the UX. 

Building the UX team & UX workflow 

The main stakeholders for a good enterprise UX workflow are user experience, key users, business analysts, and the development team. Each role collaborates with the team on every stage of product development, including usability testing, user interviews, and business analysis. Below is the breakdown of the UX workflow:

1. Requirement Clarification 
Through stakeholder interviews, user research, and competitive analysis, business analyst help the designers come up with the design assumptions by summing up those and sharing them with the whole team in the form of customer journeys, and user flows. 

2. Design development 

Then, the designer is the one who brainstorms possible solutions, creates quick hand-drawn paper sketches, and from there, builds wireframes. The visual design of the product is as vital as the UX. In this stage need to do visual research and share findings via a mood board before turning wireframes into prototypes. Prototypes are a prompt version to test the product with end-users. More than that, this also requires user testing, which iterates the test on the prototypes to aggregate the feedback and redesign until achieving the outcome. 

3. Software development 

When the design is clear and ready, the prototypes will be handed off to developers to ensure they have no questions regarding the implementation. A designer will help the development team to build a design system if they want to scale. We will also do UX audits to pinpoint any flows when the product is live. From proof-of-concept prototyping to complete web solutions – it brings expertise in all stages of product development. 

An ideal UX workflow will connect different stakeholders with the UX design team and smoothen the design process without any significant hiccups. Hard work and a collaborative mindset are also crucial to facilitating a smooth workflow. 

3 tips to successfully satisfied stakeholder cooperation

Here is a comprehensive guide that should help team members find the path that leads to both improved productivity and more fulfilled collaboration: 

Trust stakeholder 

UX is about people. During software implementation, the client isn’t generally the end-user. To rehearse UX effectively in this environment, the team member, particularly the designer, has to build trust with all stakeholders as a whole. This incorporates everyone from the external and internal team, from clients to the development teams, and the end-users of the software.  

Building relationships in this hierarchy is never easy because the designs need to meet the requirements and expectations of the crowd. It is important to respond quickly to inquiries and have the willingness to adapt to changes when necessary.  

Understand the Data Models 

At the core of all enterprises, UX is the data model that informs the foundation for the application. This comprises the underlying databases and how data gets displayed, interacted with, used, and transferred within the system. Understanding the model is a core challenge for the UX designer in an enterprise context. 

Enterprise software is all about the data objects, and the user experience has traditionally reflected that the interface often replicates the construction of the database. 

Focus on creating effective communication 

Communication is a key UX design skill. While implementing remarkable designs is certain, conveying the invention is equally essential. To accomplish this, conduct regular design review sessions and meet with stakeholders to ensure that everyone is aware and on board with the product design decisions. 


If there are many stakeholders involved in the process, understanding-communicating-and-trusting is the key to focusing everyone on what the product really needs to succeed.

In Datahouse Asia, our group of master designers has been offering UX/UI services to different clients from around the globe. We focus on understanding your business and developing the UX/UI design that is focused on helping you in achieving your goal.

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