Our Principles of Success


Keep Learning

At DataHouse Asia, learning is a continuous journey. Through our consulting engagements, our staff becomes fluent in different industries, subject matter, and roles, including software development, client relations, team leadership, business analysis, and project management. Throughout this journey, we learn and gain the experience and confidence to excel further in our careers.

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Hard Working

There is no substitute for hard work. While creativity is the force that sets a project in motion, hard work and grit ensure its completion. We are fearless in taking on the difficult job and tenacious in getting it done. Everyone pitches in and teamwork gets us over the goal line. DataHouse Asia professionals rise to the challenge. “DataHouse Asia Would Go.”



Our creativity transforms our imagination and ideas into reality. At DataHouse Asia, the spirit of creativity drives our business. When existing solutions do not fit our clients’ needs, we chart new paths to create the right solution. Creativity requires courage and risk-taking. We support and inspire creativity by incubating new ideas and encouraging out-of-the-box thinking. In our creative mindset, failure is part of the learning process, empowering us to move forward.

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Team Work

Teamwork is paramount to our success. The teamwork culture starts with the premise that everyone is valuable and assumes that everyone has a strong professional desire to create quality solutions for our clients by leading with their strengths. It allows us to be bigger than we really are. When a client is working with a single DataHouse Asia employee, they soon come to realize that one person can represent all the cumulative knowledge of the entire DataHouse ohana — many minds for one.


Playing Hard

Joy and happiness are core to a person’s well-being and “playing hard” is our way of expressing that, which goes far beyond company events and social activities. At DataHouse, it’s a way of working. It’s how we treat each other, and how we create an enjoyable and fulfilling place of work. Laughing and having fun is healthy for the soul and for business. Humility is an essential element of this principle and one of DataHouse’s core values. You need to be humble to laugh at yourself and to make it fun and enjoyable for others.

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Different Oceans, Together Deliver

Our development team is located in the center of Vietnam, Danang city; one of the most beautiful beach cities in the World.

With a decade of experience collaborating with our partners from the distance, we have managed to deliver successful projects to the world:
+ Europe: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, England
+ Australia: Sydney, Melbourne
+ Asia: Vietnam, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Korea
+ the US: Honolulu, New York, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Orange County.

From Danang, we deliver globally!

Let me know what we can help you!

I am passionate with Technology and consulting neat solutions addressing business challenges.

What am I proud of our DataHouse team? Top Talents with striving for Excellence every day: (A) to be on time (B) to deliver greater good (C) to be pleasant to work with. You know this ABC?

Don't hesitate to drop your challenge(s) to me: [email protected] - I will get back to you within 19+1 hours and I am confident to bring our conversation with a positive mindset going forward!

Huy Nguyen / Partnership Success / My LinkedIn

15 years of experience in Software Engineering & Consulting
10 years of experience working in Western Europe
Best Alumni @ Benelux Vietnam Business Awards 2016
Best Alumni @ EuroCham Vietnam Business Awards 2018