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COVID-19 has hit the world including Vietnam, which prevents 23.5 million pupils and students from Vietnam are studying online from home. Online teaching is not effective as this is a method for the teachers and the pupils can easily get distracted. Our drive is always looking at opportunities to bring positive impacts to our home country of Vietnam with our mission: we contribute to the future generations of Vietnam by helping them to be a bit smarter by using education platform called XAGOe – Go Extra Miles With Education.

Can education be fun?

We strongly believe with gamification; learning can be fun and turned into entertainment. We add game elements to learning tasks that make them more fun and engaging for students of all ages.

Our mission

We are aiming at providing 23 million Vietnamese students with an educational platform, applying gamification and powering with AI recommendation; which allows them to study more proactively and boost up excitement and efficiency.

 With XAGOe, our ambition is to build a better Vietnam by helping its future generation relieve study pressure and go extra miles with education.

XAGOe – A new way of learning​ is the first real-time knowledge arena in Vietnam which provides a new, natural, exciting, and remarkable way of learning. An educational platform applies gamification and powers with AI recommendations. 

XAGOe helps students improve their free time quality by combining learning with playing while continuing to interact with their peers.  They can make self-study more motivating and exciting by unblocking the next knowledge levels. To make it fun, XAGOe allows students to compete with others using XAGOe Coins, leader-board ranking, power-up level system, and a rewarding system to bring more excitement to the students. 

A unique user interface and user-centered experience

Taking purple as the main color, we want XAGOe would become an essential part of student life as it reminds us of the ink color of Vietnamese students.

Social impacts

Understanding Vietnamese students need our help and believing they can unlock their potential with the power of education, as well as contribute to a better Vietnam in the future.

Strengthen education in Vietnam​

Increase enhanced teaching, learning and develop students’ core competencies and knowledge​

Promote mental health among students​

Empower students with the knowledge, relieve stress and encourage healthy competitions​

Maximize the potential of the country’s human resources ​

Focus on critical subjects for building knowledge society to Vietnam’s evolving workforce needs​

The first version will be released to highschool students in June  

With the first demo version, XAGOe provides a completely free knowledge training platform for users – students from grades 10 to 12. The product allows students to create their challenging subject tests with time options, customize levels of difficulty, and invite friends to take up their challenges 
The waiting room is available so users can send messages and have some discussion before starting the challenge. 

We hope that with the launch of XAGOe at the end of June, our high school students – especially 12th graders – will have a new, useful exchange platform to have a good preparation for the University and 2020 graduation exams. 

Make impacts and be a part of our story

We’re working hard to make XAGOe a success, and your participation gets us closer to our goal! Let’s come together and make a meaningful contribution so that Vietnamese students get one step closer to achieving their dreams!

We hope you will join us to provide XAGOe to students & teachers for FREE by donating. Every little amount that counts!  

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