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We see challenges as opportunities to fierce thrive and grow further. Thus we welcome you, our partners and partners-to-be, to challenge us? welcome challenges from our partners and future partners as we call them new opportunities to grow and go beyond our limits. Yes, you can count on us!

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I've had developers in Sweden, Ukraine, in Barcelona, in Poland, in U.S. in Bangalore, etc.. and I don't think I ever worked with as good people as the team Huy is heading. In quite a lot of these offshore countries I've worked with, when I say something stupid, they do something stupid. In DataHouse, they have acquired some of the best talents possible, talents that are so super structured, highly receptive, strong on consumer logic, tech, and UX - that they actually can be part of the innovation (in our case highly complex and big scale), not only executing on it. I think that is fascinating!

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R. Lidman, Founder & CEO of AIAR

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